Exhibition honors the life and work of artist Keith Haring

Exhibition honors the life and work of artist Keith Haring

The influential American artist and activist Keith Haring was a protégé of Andy Warhol and produced an unrest in art amid the 1980s. ‘The Political Line’ is a noteworthy exhibition devoted to his life and work.

Keith Haring’s specialty was enlivened by comic strips, “high” workmanship, mainstream culture, unmistakable visual style, spray painting, music, and dance. The artist was the main figure in New York’s urban art scene, which took its inventiveness from street culture. It was the time of Reagan’s conservatism, and the overtly homosexual Keith Haring made it his own central goal to highlight societies shameful acts against minority groups through art.

He had an effect in his era, and in spite of the fact that his profession spread over only a solitary decade, the impact of his visual dialogue is no less for it. His cadenced lines and patterns express his colossal pizzazz. In his work, Haring took a reasonable position against the excesses of capitalism and he was committed to nuclear disarmament, natural assurance, the battle against AIDS and equivalent rights for all.

‘The Political Line’ represents exactly how dedicated Keith Haring was to tending to the mind boggling issues of his day.

For an immense gathering of Keith Haring’s work, you can check The Keith Haring Foundation site.